Next level predictive advertising tools

Data brokerage

Tap into infinite social media as well as other resources to hear what the market is saying about your topic.


Determine your most effective content and stimulate conversations that convert.

Drive action with data

Pinpoint relevant demographics engaging with your topic and target effectively.

Creative data campaigns

Develop viral campaigns, and tailored promotions that drive real online and offline results.

Brand monitoring

We examine predictive data to identify and develop strong brand strategies.

Content performance

Using predictive data analysis we devise strategies to improve your content commercialisation.

Data-driven decisions

Use machine learning over time to automate tasks & internal in-depth research.

Data Management

Manage the availability, usability, integrity and security of the collection, and archive data.

Customer journeys

Using machine learning and human intelligence developing an understanding of each touchpoint

How AI-powered insights can help your business

Take a deep dive into your customer base

First we aggregate the social media interactions of your potential audience and then sift through and mine the data to get a segmented view of their attitudes, their psycho-demographic profile and likely purchasing behaviour.

We then use AI with machine learning to decide on the best way to deliver a highly targeted message using social media, which is continually refined using feedback, to the most prospective customer segment with the key objective of getting them to make a purchasing decision.


Improvement on customer satisfaction when using AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping companies predict what their customers want. Access to this predictive insight, Nova Tools, enables AI powered digital marketing to be the most effective way to reach customers and understand their needs and wants.

Our latest platform Nova Tools uses the same AI technology that has helped thousands of mega brands succeed into a super affordable tool which will enable companies to scan the entire web for insights, recognise patterns and structure this customer data in way where it can be used for the company’s commercial advantage.


Discover Nova Tools, the latest Social Listening tool integrating Predictive Advertising and AI to deliver YOU results that matter.

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