Nova Tools offer two types of products:

Product 1: SAS product – (statistical analytics software) – analytic business intelligent and data management with full administrator access controlled by you. Here, advanced analytics software is infused with cutting-edge, innovative algorithms that can help you solve problems, make the best decisions and unearth opportunities you would otherwise miss.

Product 2: Fully managed campaigns by Nova Tools including all settings management and creative. Our Nova Tools wizards will take an informative brief from you before building and designing your campaign with integrated social media accounts (existing or newly created) from start to end.


Nova Tools matches social chatter with targeted advertising for effective conversion.

The Nova Tools solution creates a pioneering Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution, improving productivity of the service provider, matching social chatter with targeted advertising for more effective marketing conversion rates, and addressing negative aspects of a product or service that are highlighted in social-media before it becomes a significant issue.

The Nova Tools can be delivered a customer run service whereby the raw data is presented to the designated team, or as a fully managed service whereby every aspect of the social-media engagement is handled by our highly qualified Nova design campaign management teams.

Nova Tools platform manages the design, build, hosting moderation and real time optimisation of data driven campaigns. Amplify content with social aggregation. Simply connect influencers and topics relevant to your network and engage!


Nova Tools allows you to manage your data with the latest functions.

Nova Tools allows you to manage your data neatly with functions such as favourite feed and sending a created campaign list directly to someone in your social feed by clicking on the speaker symbol.

Another fantastic feature, the feed alerts at the top of the page with the drop down box and latest feeds.

‘Favourites’ is designed for letting users add articles to their favourites feed for Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Pinterest. Nova Tools system provides you with simple actions:

  • Search Favorites feed By Keywords
  • Filter social feed by start and end dates
  • Export Favourite feed based on filter or not. Csv file generated based on all filtered favourite feed information.
  • Remove social feed from favourites.


Reporting made easy with Nova Tools reporting system. Analyse and optimise your content based on real-time findings.

Reporting provides you with visual graphs in order to effectively analyse your data and make accurate decisions.

Social reports;

  • Shows all social network report.
  • Show total sum of social posts.
  • Show each keyword name with total posts of each.
  • Show top 10 keywords post pie chart in percentage ratio.
  • Show each keywords last 15 days activity bar graph.

Nova Tools provides you with real-time insights into your brand and allows you to analyze and optimize your content based on easy to interpret graphs.

Our media analysis services add value to your communications strategy and alert you to deeper trends that will give you the edge over your competitors.

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