Nova Tools is the latest Predictive analytics tool. Uncover real-time insights using predictive analytic techniques and predict future events. The use of predictive analytics is a key milestone on your analytics journey where classical statistical analysis meets artificial intelligence (AI). Transform the way your business operates and gain a competitive advantage.

Next level Predictive Advertising tool

Marketing & Advertising

Supported by data mining, data brokerage & machine learning, we establish sets of methods for effective marketing campaigns.

Media Buying

We use predictive analysis to optimise media effectiveness and efficiencies.

Internal Systems

Embedding machine learning into CRMs allows companies to see efficiency of employees, determine lead cycles and plan for the future.

Customer Satisfaction

Using machine learning fused with human intelligence, we optimise conversions and improve customer experience.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

What is all the talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how does it relate to Novatools?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping companies predict what their customers want. Access to this predictive insight enables AI powered digital marketing to be the most effective way to reach customers and understand their needs and wants.

Predictive advertising is fundamentally changing the game. The way it is able to analyse and predict customer behaviour using classical statistical analysis combined with the new world of Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, the ability to deliver a targeted message to a highly granular audience – virtually one to one – is turning traditional advertising on its head. To stay ahead of the game, businesses need to understand and utilise the power of this technology, and also to understand that their future depends on it.

Nova Tools have adapted the same AI technology that has helped thousands of mega brands succeed into a super affordable tool which will enable companies to scan the entire web for insights, recognise patterns and structure this customer data in way where it can be used for the company’s commercial advantage.

Investing predictive technology will build a foundation for a business’ future. Like any new technology, we are helping customers of businesses to gain an advantage, the time to act is NOW.

Artificial and human intelligence

Our focus is on finding a way to leverage both artificial and human intelligence to better understand consumer behaviour. We call this HumanCognitech, a technology that combines the power of machine learning to understand and then predict human decisions.

Nova Tools technology and functionality

Organisations of all sizes can have the tools to embed predictive analytics into their business processes and to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) at scale. It does not need to be a scary or intimidating technology to adopt, in fact Nova Tools make it so easy to use and interpret, anyone can learn to use it. We will never leave you in the lurch, our dedicated and passionate team are always there to guide you all the way.

48% of consumers think that posts created by others in their network are a great way to discover new products, brands, trends, or retailers

We take the guess work out of marketing.

We combine Nova Tools’ content mining technology with AI, deep learning and predictive analysis to tell us more about our potential customers – who they are, what they want and when they are likely to make a buying decision. This data will inform our clients’ business decisions and strategy, and give them a powerful competitive edge.

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