A Guide to Using Pinterest for Your Business

Millions of people across the world use Pinterest daily to discover new trends, products, designs, recipes and much more. Understandably, Pinterest can go a long way in expanding your business through content aggregation i.e. allowing you to provide the right information to your audience. One or several relevant keywords are used along with the images for optimised SEO results.

So with Pinterest, you can see a better turnover if you know how to use this wonderful platform correctly for content aggregation.

Before you begin, there are certain technical factors you should be aware of so as to make the most of your Pinterest account.

The Pins

Pins are what Pinterest is all about.

These are like visual bookmarks that viewers use to discover new content. Viewers typically store all their favourite pins into a board for content aggregation.

Each pin is comprised of an image, infographic or a video and a link that takes the viewer back to the actual source i.e. your company. Viewers can connect to your brand through these links, which gives you an opportunity to reach out to more potential customers.

The Board

A board on Pinterest is where viewers save all their favourite photos and content.

It is the place where maximum content aggregation is possible. Users typically create different boards based on a common subject such as recipes, holiday destinations and design trends and so on.

Boards allow you to upload your best images and contents related to your business.


Even if you are unable to continuously create original content on Pinterest, you can still reach out to your viewers through Repins. Repins are when you pin images and content from another source. Repins retain the original source link from the where the images or content was sourced.

Promoted Pins

Promoted pins are pins for which you pay so that they appear instantly when users are searching for a particular topic. Promoted pins are great for content aggregation as they allow you to load all your best images and give viewers instant access to them.

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