The right social tool for your business

Social media became omnipresent and a perfect portal for corporations to reach and secure more customers. The definition of ‘professionalism’ didn’t translate to social media because it lacks the deeper social or emotional element that fuels social networks. People don’t want businesses and advertising popping up in their social spaces. So to tap into this market, businesses have to drop the veneer. They had to learn how to casually communicate with their customers and value-add to their news feed. The ‘professional’ era of stuffy suits and ‘synergy’ jargon is well and truly dead for any industry or business with a public facing element.

A ‘behind the scenes’ of a company or business that is generally straight-laced and professional was a one-off concept. On social media, it’s an expectation.

There are many reasons to incorporate social media tools into your business plan. The main plus is the ability to be involved in conversations about your brand while not influencing those conversations so to speak.

However, if these conversations are happening under the banner of your website not only can you showcase a vibrant community brought together by your product, you can also provide accurate and real-time information to your customers and potential customers. A forward-thinking platform will integrate social presence, which allows you to easily connect with your community. Regardless of your product, service or business structure, incorporating a social element as part of your web presence is becoming a prerequisite.

The next question is how to go about it and when to start? Sometimes the best way to learn is just to get started. Even if you have a small community to work with, just do it. Everyone starts from somewhere and doing something is better than doing nothing.

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