Tips for Scheduling Tweets for Maximum Engagement and Reach

Twitter has become one of the most effective and widely used social media networks. You can see people tweeting and going through tweets any time of the day and it is now considered an integral part of social listening.

As an astute business owner, you can harness the power of Twitter as an excellent social listening tool to advertise your brand and stay connected with clients. That is why it is so important to schedule your tweets in advance.

Why Schedule Your Tweets

Scheduling tweets saves you time. When you are tweeting, you stop doing everything else, which means your regular work gets interrupted often.

By scheduling your tweets, you can organise your day better and make it more productive.

Scheduling tweets also improves their quality and consistency. Since tweeting is considered integral to social listening these days, you want your tweets to be informative and engaging.

Posting tweets in a hurry can dilute the message while scheduling them in advance can help you in creating the right message for maximum engagement and impact.

Scheduling your tweets also helps you to post your tweets when people are most active in different time zones.

Use Tools to Understand When Your Followers are Most Active

The best way to capitalize on social listening is to know when your listeners are online and the most active. There are several tools that help you decide on the right hours for tweeting.

Such tools consider your followers’ regular tweet patterns and provide you with analytical data to select the right hours. Once you input the times and days on these tools, they show the best results for when to tweet for the most effective results.

A Few Statistics

Social listening on Twitter is 17% higher on weekends as compared to weekdays. Your followers are likely to be 181% more active on Twitter while they commute. So mornings and evenings are a good time when people are going to or returning from their work.

In fact, re-tweets are found to be at their highest at around 5 pm. Lunch break is also a good time when people become active on Twitter so anytime 1 pm to 3 pm is also a good time to tweet.

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